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Our Story

Innovative, Intelligent, Affordable

-Azpen brand strives to bring the world innovative and intelligent products at affordable prices. 
-For the past 18 years Azpen has been introducing revolutionary products to the consumer.
-In 2014, Azpen was named the fastest growing technology company in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
-In 2015, Azpen was recognized on the DFW 100 list of businesses. 
-The DockAll was acknowledge as a C.E.S. Innovation Award Honoree in 2018.






        Richwoods Technology Inc. based in Plano, Texas USA is a global provider of Consumer Electronics and Computer Equipment including Laptop, Tablet, Interactive Display, Cellular Mobile, Wireless Charging Systems, Smart Home Devices and IOT Device.

        We distribute products through retailers, carriers and distributors for education, government, enterprise and consumer market.


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